Anonymous asked:

Shall I rephrase, I'm smoking for the first time Ever tomorrow. Tips!

stonified answered:

Smoke from whatever you want, but I would avoid a bong to start off with. Make sure to be around people you’re comfortable with so that you have a good high. Make sure to inhale (take a deep breath in) after hitting it. Most people make the mistake of not inhaling and they don’t get high. Take a couple hits and wait a bit to see how you feel. Repeat until you feel it or you’re at a good high. Don’t get TOO high to the point you feel like shit. If you have a bad experience for some reason, try again when you’re comfortable. Chances are you’ll love it. Make sure I have a drink around for cottonmouth and food around for munchies. Fruit is awesome to cure both. Smoke somewhere you won’t be caught or won’t be paranoid. Paranoia can completely ruin a high. That’s all I can think of. Have fun and happy smoking!

Also this is in my FAQ so make sure to check there before asking! :)